Care advice

Sincera is a delicate jewelry that must be handled with special care. Sincera will not be held liable for any damages incurred after the receipt of products. To ensure that your Sincera product remains in the best possible condition over an extended period of time, please observe the advice below to avoid damage.


Please do not attempt to replace the battery or watchstrap of your Sincera watch by yourself. Please entrust your watch to an authorized Sincera retailer that offers Sincera watches, to a watchmaker, or to a jeweler who will replace the battery for you.

Sincera watches are embellished with premium quality Swarovski crystals.

The metal components of Sincera watches are made of 316L stainless steel, an extremely durable metal alloy that is virtually immune to rust, discoloration, and corrosion. Nickel, composed of encapsulated nickel molecules, is also part of this composition. The alloy is therefore classified as anti-nickel allergenic. All materials used for Sincera watches comply with European regulations on nickel release. In spite of this, in some very rare cases, allergies to Sincera watches may occur due to high skin sensitivity to nickel. If this happens to you, the company recommends that you cease wearing Sincera watches.

Handbag and accessories

  • Leather is a natural material that evolves over time. To preserve its original appearance, Sincera recommends that you treat leather products with care and avoid direct contact with grease, water, perfumes, and/or make up in order to prevent stains.
  • Avoid overloading leather and fabric accessories, as this can cause them to lose their original shape.


Sincera offers a full statutory warranty covering manufacturing and material defects for genuine branded Sincera products purchased from Sincera own stores (including Online) or authorized Sincera retailers. The warranty policy can be found under Customer Service at at any time. The terms of the warranty may vary between markets and regions. The warranty only covers damage that in the opinion of Sincera or an authorized Sincera retailer is not caused by accident or inappropriate use, ordinary wear and tear, modification, attempted repair, negligence or by failure to follow Sincera’s special product Care Advice. 

Every item found to be defective under this warranty may be, at the discretion of Sincera or an authorized Sincera retailer: 

1. replaced by an identical piece, if available: 
2. substituted with a piece of comparable value; or 
3. repaired depending on the degree of damage to the warranted product as well as on the feasibility and the availability of replacement parts. 

The damaged product should be given to the closest Sincera Shop or an authorized Sincera retailer that will send it to the local Sincera sales company. If products are sent by mail, they should be insured and sent by certified or registered mail, as Sincera cannot be held liable for damage, loss, or theft incurred during transport. 

This warranty service is provided free of charge. Please retain the purchase or delivery receipt, the gift receipt or the certificate of authenticity in case you have a warranty claim. The receipt or the certificate serves as proof of purchase and authenticity for products purchased and as evidence of entitlement to this warranty. 

These warranty conditions apply if there are no specific warranty conditions granted for specific products. Sincera reserves the right to amend or adapt these warranty conditions with implications for the future at its discretion at any time. 

This warranty does not affect your statutory rights.

Replacements and Repairs

Sincera offers a full statutory warranty for pieces purchased from authorized Sincera retailer. The warranty covers manufacturing and material defects due to normal wear and use.

Each defective product under warranty will be examined and evaluated by Sincera's technical experts. Depending on the circumstances, the product may be repaired, replaced with the same product, or substituted with a product of comparable value.

Unfortunately, in the case of a product substitution, Sincera is unable to guarantee that the exact same product or design will be provided.

Sincera will not repair, replace, or substitute any goods that have been, in the company's opinion, subject to an accident, normal wear and tear, abuse, modification, attempted repair, negligence, or misuse.

If a piece is not covered by the terms of the Sincera warranty policy, the company may offer a repair service subject to a fee. Please note that a defective piece can only be repaired if: 

  • The product is a genuine Sincera product.
  • The repair is feasible - it must be possible to bring the product back to its original pristine condition
  • Spare parts are still available (this is usually not the case if a product is out of production)

If you would like to replace or repair an item, please bring the product in its original packaging to an authorized Sincera retailer. If products are sent by mail, they should be insured and shipped by certified mail, as Sincera cannot be held liable for damage, loss, or theft incurred during transport. Please note that this repair service is also available for Sincera products that are purchased abroad.

Return Policy

Sincera's top priority is to satisfy all its customers. You may return ordered items and thereby withdraw from the sales contract up to 14 days after their receipt